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♡ Leeteuk_love ♡ Love forgetangel

nae uri-ane gadugo shipeo

Eeteuk from Super Junior is ♡
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All Members , Moderated
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Click to see community

Brief profile of Leeteuk is in the sidebar of the community’s page.
Intro sample is friends-lock, only viewable to members to prevent spam.
Post whatever you would like about Leeteuk but only things strictly related.
Super Junior things are encouraged but he must be be included in every post.
MODs are here to help with a suggestion/concern box and here to tag. Have fun!

Eight Simple Rules
1. No inappropriately visible private body parts; tasteful images accepted
2. Fanfics: Leeteuk must be one of main characters, format in sidebar
3. All polls must be open to friends only, can be viewable to all
4. No bashing, no flaming, only constructive criticism
5. Please ask owner to take anything out of comm
6. All downloads must be friends-locked
7. Posts about sales are acceptable
8. Related ads are fine

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Can’t stop!
— ‘U’


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