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07 June 2011 @ 07:39 pm
Special Night  

Title: Special Night
Author: misshoalan
Pairing: KangTeuk
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but the story
Summary: What happens after having dinner with the rest of Super Junior...

Leeteuk is more than happy that they don't go to a club tonight but made a reservation for a few tables for all SuJu members in this new nice restaurant two streets away. He just doesn't feel like dancing, partying and having so many people around him. And not to mention, he doesn't feel like seeing Kangin flirting with other girls. Yeah, he pretty much fell in love with the younger about six months ago and so far, nearly every weekend they went out had been like hell for him because the one he loves was flirting and dancing with pretty girls. ''His moves are amazing. And sexy...'', sighs Leeteuk while looking in the mirror to see if he's looking good. His blond hair forms such a beautiful contrast to his dark eyes.

Also, his outfit for the dinner tonight is fine. 'Pretty sexy, actually.', he thinks. He is wearing black skinny pants, a simple white v-neck shirt, a black jacket and one of his favourite black neckbands. 'Maybe Kangin notices me this time...' Not as a friend or an other band member but as a guy who is in love with him and dresses up for him – only for him. ''Teukie! Hurry up, we're already late!'' Heechul shouts. ''Yeah, I'm on my way...'' With a last glance in the mirror, Leeteuk leaves his room and hurries downstairs – taking two stairs at once – where the others are waiting impatiently for him.

''Hey... Aren't you hungry, hyung?'', Kangin asks Leeteuk who hasn't eat as much as he usually does. ''These noodles here taste really good! Wanna give them a try?'' He holds his chopsticks in front of Leeteuk's mouth, more or less forcing the older to try them. ''Mmh, yeah, tastes good...'' Leeteuk says with a slighty bored tone in his voice. Kangin is a little bit sad because of his reaction but he doesn't want the older to see that emotion printed all over his face, so he tries to hide it behind a fake encouraging smile. He likes Leeteuk very much – 'Maybe too much?' Kangin thinks, his eyes still on the blonde. 'God, he looks so stunning tonight. I wish I could only once see his beauty beyond all these clothes... Ahh, Kangin, these aren't appropriate thoughts while having dinner in that kind of restaurant!' he tells himself, his eyes now on his bowl in front of him on the table.

Dinner is over and Kangin, Heechul and Kyuhyun decide to go to a club before going back home. ''Please, Teukie, please join us!'' Heechul begs his best friend. But his cute puppy-like face doesn't seem to change Leeteuk's mind. ''Look, Kyuhyun and Kangin are going to that club, too.'' He tries again, hoping to make the idea more attractive to Leeteuk since he is well aware of the fact that Leeteuk likes Kangin and Kyuhyun a lot. As Heechul mentions Kangin's name, Leeteuk's eyes are growing wide and his heart skips a beat. ''Uhm, ok, then I guess, I could go with you guys...'', Leeteuk shrugs, trying hard not to let the others see how his whole body trembles by the mere thought of Kangin moving his hips on the dancefloor. ''I knew you can't resist, Teukie!'', Heechul says with a victorious smirk.



'Oh my god, how seductively he moves his hips...' Kangin can't remember when he was watching Leeteuk dancing last time. The blond glances over to him from time to time, once licking his lips way too sexy to be coincidental. 'Was this on purpose?' He seriously can't tell. He doesn't know either why he is so attracted by his hyung lately. Not because he doesn't find Leeteuk good-looking – of course Kangin thinks Leeteuk is the most handsome guy he had ever seen – but because he always thought he was straight. Yeah, only two months ago, he thought he would be happy with his sex life – which includes girls. Only girls. But then... he saw Leeteuk with completely other eyes: suddenly he noticed his pure beauty, that nice ass, his rock-hard abs and, not to forget, his eyes. The most amazing sparkling eyes Kangin had ever seen. He can't really tell when he kind of fell in love with the older. He guesses it happened when Heechul had been doing what he did best on stage: fanservice. It must have been when he had kissed Leeteuk; that hadn't been just that sort of chaste kiss they usually had shared on stage, this time it had been a tongue-intertwining-tongue-kiss. Kangin had felt something rising in his stomach. Jealousy. And this jealousy is there, everytime he sees Leeteuk and Heechul together – which is really often since they are best friends. But for now, Kangin is happy that Leeteuk had decided to go with them. 'Maybe the last cocktail has been the dangerous one for Leeteuk.' Kangin assumes. He isn't drunk but pretty much tipsy. The younger smiles to himself by the thought of an all too willing Leeteuk, cheeks blushed in a deep red because of two reasons: the alcohol and the way Kangin touches him. Quickly, he shoves the thoughts away and tries to make his way through the crowd to Leeteuk. „Hey, beauty, the others want to go home now, what about you?“ Kangin asks. As Leeteuk pouts, he leans in close and whispers in Leeteuk's ear: '' I have a nice place to go if you don't want to go back home yet- and I guess we can have some fun - even without Heechul and Kyuhyun, don't you think?''

Leeteuk is kind of frustrated at first when Kangin comes over and interruptes his dancing for telling him that Heechul and Kyu want to leave.

But Kangin makes it all up with his nice idea. His hot breath next to Leeteuk's ear send shivers down his spine. 'Why does he want me to come with him? To be with him while the others go back home?', he wonders. ''Uhm, yeah, but where do you want to go to?'', he asks, not because he actually wants to know where they are going to go to but for playing time. ''I own a small flat not so far away from here. So... wanna go?'' Kangin winks. Leeteuk's mind – still nearly drunk - is spinning around while he tries to imagine why Kangin wants to be alone with him. He can't find an answer and he doesn't really care that much at that moment. Being with the dark-haired man is what he wants, this and nothing or noone else. And this could be his chance to confess to the younger since he is very talkative about intimate things when he is tipsy or drunk. ''Yeah, sure.' He flashes the brunette a bright yet somehow forced smile. Leeteuk can't take his eyes off Kangin. But everytime, the younger glances over to him, he quickly looks down at his hands, fiddling with the hem of his t-shirt, a shy blush on his cheeks. Finally, they're arriving the small appartment, and Leeteuk opens his seatbelt to get out of the car. But he underestimates his state of drunkness. Suddenly he sees stars, closes his eyes for a moment and has to get hold on the car door. He feels a strong arm around his waist, feels the warmth of Kangin's body next to his own, smells the enticing scent of the younger. ''Thank y-you..'' he says, looking into Kangin's brown eyes. ''I guess, you had enough partying for today, Teukie.'' He guides the older into his appartment, places him on the couch and disappeares. Kangin comes back with a glass of water in the one and a movie in his other hand. ''What about an action movie? I bought it last week but I hadn't have time to watch it yet.'' Leeteuk nods while grabbing for the glass. Their hands meet and he feels himself slighty trembling and his jeans becoming even more tight. Not that they have never touched each other – skinship is part of good fanservice – but this time it is completely different. It is almost electrifying. And he sees in Kangin's eyes that the younger thinks the same way. Shyly, Leeteuk averts his gaze but the soft, warm hand of Kangin forces him softly to look in the younger's eyes again. He is afraid of getting lost in those beautiful eyes, so he closes his own. ''Open your eyes, hyung.'', he hears Kangin say, his voice husky. 'God, what does he want from me? Why does he do that - ' The older can't finish this thought because suddenly, he feels lips crushing against his.


'What the fuck am I doing here?', plops into Kangin's mind. He pulls back, sitting down on the other end of the couch and not daring to meet Leeteuk's gaze. ''Kangin? What was that?'' He looks up to the older who had crawled over to ''his'' end of the couch, now sitting next to him. Kangin sees surprise in Leeteuk's eyes. No rejection, just surprise.''I- I don't know. I don't want that.... that you think anything bad about me... like I would take advantage of your tipsiness... I guess, I should lea - '' Kangin definitely didn't see THAT coming. Leeteuk claims his lips in a – at first – chaste kiss! He feels Leeteuk's tongue prodding on his lower lip, begging for entrance. 'God, how could I resist...?' he thinks before slightly parting his lips. Leeteuk moans into the kiss when their tongues meet.

Kangin – now little bit more confident – decides to explore Leeteuk's mouth while pulling the older closer, just drawing another soft moan out of the older. 'Good God, now I know why Heechul is so up for fanservice that includes kisses. Leeteuk tastes so good...'

The younger breaks the kiss: ''What about going to a more comfortable place?'' he suggestes. ''For example... the bedroom?'' he raises an eyebrow with a smirk on his lips.

Leeteuk smiles and stands up. ''Let's go then.'' he says, waiting for Kangin guiding him to the bedroom.


The bedroom is huge. This appartment is not small at all! 'What a liar...' Leeteuk thinks smiling. The bed is rather huge, there is more than enough place for both of them.

Kangin, who closed the door behind them, spins Leeteuk around and crushes their lips together. But only for a moment before he roughly pushes the older on the bed, making him gasp by surprise. He straddles Leeteuk, immediately going for his lips again. Leeteuk likes that rough side of Kangin. As much as he loves Kangin's roughness, as much he is kind of disappointed that the younger is kissing him all too gently. ''P-please Kangin... don't go soft on me now... I want you so bad... I need to feel you, your lust, your want... And I can't feel it when you're too gentle...'' Kangin only smirks, reaching for the drawer of the bed table. Leeteuk can't see what the younger is going to get but he hears a familiar ''cling!'' sound... And in the twinkling of an eye, Kangin is about to cuff Leeteuk on the bed. ''Yeah... that's exactly the way I like it...'' Leeteuk moans sensually, eyes half – closed. He sees in Kangin's eyes that the sight of himself, his lover, tied to the bed, vulnerable, and nearly unable to move aroused him just more. 'He seems to enjoy it more than I actually thought... Hah, so he's not as innocent as everyone might believes.' Kangin leans over to the drawer again, now holding a black satin tie in front of Leeteuk's face. ''What about some blindfolded, handcuffed, rough sex then, babe?'', he asks, rising an eyebrow suggestively. There is a slight stitch in Leeteuk's stomach – a very positive one indeed – and he flashes Kangin a smile. ''I guess this is a 'yes'... '' Kangin leans in to place a chaste kiss on Leeteuk's lips while bonding the tie around his lover's head.  


He trails a path of kisses on the neck of the older and begins to massage the growing bulge in the blond's pants. Leeteuk writhes under Kangin, soft moans escape his beautiful mouth. Suddenly, Kangin bites down on this very sensitive spot between neck and shoulders. Leeteuk cries out in sudden pain and surprise and Kangin can't help to smile a little bit while sucking on the silky skin, marking the older.

The younger looks proudly at the bright red mark that graces his lover's neck.

Kangin decides to suck and gently bite on Leeteuk's nipples now which causes the older to moan a tad louder than before and Kangin starts to unzip his pants.
All of a sudden the pleasing tongue was gone, ''Kangin?'' Leeteuk asks, slightly nervous at the fact that the younger seems to be disappeared without saying a word. Well, maybe he is not gone but Leeteuk can't see that anyway. ''Someone's really impatient, huh?'' Kangin's amused voice says, ''I just wanted to get undressed and free you from you pants – I guess they're as uncomfortable as mine now?'' Leeteuk feels his pants are pulled down and his white boxers follow not long after. Pleasure engulfs him when he feels a demanding hand starts to slowly stroke him. ''Aahh... Pl – please Kangin... '' he bucks his hips to get more friction but Kangin holds his hips down mercilessly. Leeteuk whimpers at this denial, however, before he can complain about it he feels a wet warmth around his lenghth. ''Aaahh... yes...'' a loud moan escapes his mouth while Kangin deepthroats him instantly. The younger let his hands slide up Leeteuk's chest, pinches his nipples and making a moaning, writhing mess out of his lover. ''Nngh... I – I'm close, Kangin...'' Leeteuk feels himself nearing his peak fast and with a deep moan he releases himself in Kangin's mouth. The brunette swallows his cum in an instant and licks the olders cock clean before letting go of it with a sexy plop! - sound. And there are Kangin's soft lips on his again, the younger's tongue pleading for entrace – which the blond happily allows. Leeteuk tastes himself, remains of his salty cum, while he exchanges saliva with his lover in a hot, sloppy kiss.

Along with the kiss, Kangin lets his right hand go south again. ''Oh, seems that you're already up for the next part...'' he whispers in Leeteuk's ear while softly nibbling the older's earlobe. Leeteuk – still in his afterglow – can only manage a meek sigh. ''Well then, get ready for me, babe, this is going to be a long night...''